tencha ceremonial premium matcha
tencha ceremonial premium matcha whisk


TENCHA碾茶  is a luxe world of Cha and Spa. We Reimagine Matcha and Redefine Spa for discovering a deeper truth of being.​

TENCHA碾茶 organic first ceremonial matcha grows on Kagoshima terroirs in Kyushu, where it is naturally fertilised by the ashes of Sakurajima, Japan's most active volcano.​

Rich in phytonutrients and abundant in antioxidants, our matcha yields a delicate balance of deep umami and mellow sweetness with hints of konbu and charred notes. Our exceptional quality focuses on purity of origin, free from pesticides and additives which is monitored through tests in German and Japanese laboratories and ascertained by an EU-organic certification for TENCHA碾茶 matcha.​

TENCHA碾茶 believes wellbeing is the future of luxury centred around mindful indulgence benefitting people and planet. We strive for joy in the body, peace in the heart and a meditative smile on the face.​

TENCHA碾茶 is green by design. For each pack you enjoy, we plant mangroves in the Bay of Bengal. We envelop our goods in beautifully hand-sewn organic cotton pouches that perfectly fit your precious things as you reuse them. Enjoy the luxe of permanence with us.​

As we inspire you to immerse in a world of lasting everyday wellness, join us in making the world a healthier and more sustainable place that values the good and the great. With every matcha you enjoy, you are helping us build this future.​

Our love for Kagoshima​

Kagoshima in the far south of Japan is a hidden gem, home to some of the finest Japanese teas. The merits of Kagoshima as a region producing top quality organic teas still remain somewhat of a well-kept secret. Blessed with highly nutritious soil, large temperature variances between night and day and low chance of frost, its climate is well-suited to yielding beautifully sweet and fragrant teas. Despite the potential of Kagoshima as a region serving the luxury tea market, only a very small fraction of top grades are produced and sell out rapidly each year. This means that the best of Kagoshima tea is as elusive as it is exclusive. Tasting the terroir of this region of majestic mountainous terrains and misty mornings will transform your experience of Japanese tea forever.​