tencha matcha sustainability
tencha matcha sustainability


Good for You and Good for the Environment​

We care about wellbeing for you and earth and we aspire to ZERO: Zero pesticides, zero artificial ingredients, zero plastics, zero waste, zero carbon footprint and zero animal testing. Our products are true and pure to you and our shared surroundings.​

We strive for all-reusable packaging and eliminating all plastics across our supply chains. In partnership with Singapore-based organic cotton bed & bath brand SOJAO, we envelop our products in hand-sewn pouches using excess cuts created during production.​

In spirit of a 100% carbon-neutral supply chain, we plant one mangrove in the Bay of Bengal for each 33g pack purchased which acts as a carbon sink for up to half a tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. These mangroves help reduce carbon, increase sea life and provide cover and protection for Asian elephants to migrate from their mountainous habitats to the ocean. We're extending one of the world's most beneficial green lungs.​